Don’t Read This If You’re Sensitive To Snowman Racial Issues

One year I made a snowman and then I filled a spray bottle with water and blue food coloring and sprayed the whole thing blue.  It was awesome.  A couple years later (tonight), this conversation happened:

Mom:  “We should make a snowman tomorrow!”

Me:  “Will you actually make one with me this time instead of saying you will but then letting me roll around your yard all by myself like that one time when all your neighbors probably thought I was either retarded or really lonely because I was like 25 and making a snowman ALL BY MYSELF?”

Mom:  “Oh!  Was that the time you sprayed it blue?  That was awesome.  Shoot, we should’ve gotten food coloring when we were at the store.”

Dad:  “We have Kool-Aid.”

Mom:  “That would work!”

Dad:  “Um, let’s see, we have black cherry–”

Me:  “Yeah, let’s make a black snowman.  Out of Kool-Aid.”

Mom:  “Oh lord, we’d offend someone.”

Dad:  “Y’know what though?  Why they always gotta be white?  I’m a little offended about that.”


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