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The Mona Sarah

I just noticed this while adding a photo to my blog:


And so I had to do this:

"The Mona Sarah"

Speaking of how smart I am…

Q:  “Let’s move to Hawaii.”

Me:  “Okay!”

Q:  “There’s a word for people like me there, half Samoan or Asian or whatever.”

Me:  “Hoppa?”

Q:  “Yeah, hoppa.  Wait, how do you know that word?”

Me:  “I dunno.”

Q:  “No, where did you hear that?”

Me:  “I just know things.”

Q:  “Why are you trying not to laugh?  How do you know that word?”

Me:  “Nothing, I just heard it somewhere.”

Q:  “Where did you hear it?”

Me:  “I don’t know.”

Q:  “I’m not going to drop this.  Where did you hear it?”

Me:  “Just, a tv show.”

Q:  “What tv show?”

Me:  “I don’t wanna say.”

Q:  “Come on.”

Me:  “I don’t wanna say.”

Q:  “Something on the History Channel?”

Me:  “No.”

Q:  “PBS?”

Me:  “No.”

Q:  “Something stupid on MTV or VH1?”

Me:  “Psh, no.”

Q:  “Tell me!”

Me:  “No!”

Q:  “Tell me!”


Q:  “Oh.”

Me:  “See, a minute ago you thought I was smart for knowing the word hoppa.  Now you think I’m stupid for watching America’s Next Top Model.  You should just leave my sources of information alone.  Oh, here’s your change from when I went to the grocery store yesterday.”

Q:  “…These are beer bottle caps.”

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