This Halloween I’m Going To Be “Girl Without Health Insurance Tempts Fate”

So, I successfully made a pair of hooves out of a pair of 8″ heels.

But deep down inside, they’re still 8″ heels.

Wish me luck walking.



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3 responses to “This Halloween I’m Going To Be “Girl Without Health Insurance Tempts Fate”

  1. Master Hellcow

    Hooves? Tell me you’re not going as a Hellcow! You know how hard it was for me to make a Hellcow bat last year? I still have it in my closet, wondering if people will see it and think that I’m some kind of psycho.

    Which I am, but still.

    • sawingonajawbone

      Omg you made a Hellcow bat? That’s freaking awesome.

      I was a demon spawn sorta thing. I made myself some horns, wings and a tail out of flesh-colored leather, and I had furry legs, and hooves. It turned out pretty cool, although it was the most dangerous costume I’ve ever worn. It’s really amazing that I didn’t fall or break an ankle or stab someone in the chest.

      • Master Hellcow

        Are you SURE you didn’t stab anyone in the chest? Maybe that’s why Q ditched it, because there was blood on it and he wanted to get rid of the evidence. Not that he would remember.

        Yeah…I got a bunch of horseshoes and nailed them to a Louisville Slugger. It was pretty cool. Although now I have to keep dates from looking in the closet until they get to know me better.

        Her: “What the hell IS this? And why is there blood on the horseshoes? Are you some kind of psycho killer?”

        Me: “No, it was part of a Halloween costume. That’s not blood, it’s nail polish.”

        Her: “You own nail polish AND you’re a psycho killer? I am so outta here.”

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