I Wrote. On Paper. With a Pencil. And Zombies Don’t Need Power Supplies.

I did it. I blogged on paper last night. With a pen. Which promptly ran out. Then I switched to a pencil. Pencils don’t run out, but the tips do break off if you press too hard. I don’t even remember what I wrote, but if it’s not completely lame and boring and then maybe I’ll scan it and post it whenever I bring my dead computer back from computer heaven. Which will hopefully be Sunday.

I guess blogging on paper isn’t really “blogging” at all since there’s no “web” involved (unless you have spiders). That’s how that stupid word came about, right? Weblog? Or am I making that up? I’m too lazy to google it. Wow we’ll just turn any word into a verb nowadays, won’t we? I’m beering when I get home.

Anyway, so, I paperlogged. I plogged. I tried to plog a couple nights ago, but I just ended up drawing a picture instead. Would that be a photoplog? It wasn’t a photo though, it was more of a sketch. A doodleplog.

So, I will post my plog and my doodleplog when my computer turns into a zombie and starts walking around again on Sunday. Keep your fingers crossed for me as I’m not even sure, but really hoping, that I just need to replace the power supply. I guess it’s less like my computer is a zombie and more like my computer is Frankenstein, needing electricity and all, instead of brains. Not that Frankenstein didn’t also need a brain, just not in the same way, and zombies don’t need power supplies.



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2 responses to “I Wrote. On Paper. With a Pencil. And Zombies Don’t Need Power Supplies.

  1. Xie

    You should totally write dictionaries. Your word-making-up skills are pretty impressive.

  2. sawingonajawbone

    Thank you. *bows* TSGITW and I actually DID start a dictionary! See “Slictionary” up at the top there. Mostly we like to just use preexisting words and change the definitions so that people think we’re always up on the newest slang and ultracool. We’re treestump like that.


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