Swine Flu: The Aftermath

First day back at work today.

My boss: “Hey, did you look over that deposit list and figure out where M&T effed up?

Me: “…”

My boss: “Should I ask you later?”

Me: (shuffles some papers, looks at the wall) “Yes.  Ask me later.”

My boss: “You okay?”

Me: (resists urge to oink) “I only had nighttime cold medicine.”

My boss: “…You took nighttime cold medicine.”

Me: “Bananahammock, right?”

My boss: “What?”

Me: “I said, today is awesome.”

My boss: (looks at clock,  it’s 11:00 a.m.) “I say, old chap, you take off in about a half hour and say you worked a half day.”

Me: (he didn’t actually say “old chap”, but I totally heard it) “I can’t.  Margaritas with L at 5:00.  Bam.”

My boss: (turns into a squid)


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